Monday, February 19, 2007

Cricket fever

With the world cup round the corner cricket is going to be the talk of discussions in the coffee breaks. I was always thinking about writing about technology but I probably think that I am not a nerd. I like using technology but beyond that it is just a means for me to earn bread and butter. Just like any other Indian who loves two things movies and sports(read whatever comes to tv. Cricket in India and Football/Basketball in US). I loved the way cricinfo has designed the site for world cup. Even though chances of India does not look great but you never know it may have another magical run like 03. Past year I have seen magical run like that for the team I support my alma matter Florida. They were underdogs in both basketball and football but won national champioanship in both of them. Hope I get lucky third time and Indian cricket team wins it all. Just my random ramble.

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Anand Chatterjee said...

Good Arvind. I like it.