Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Chasing Daylights

Chasing Daylights is the last book that I read during my stint at ITC Kolkata ... this book was suggested by my counterpart in ITC . Somehow he seemed to have a pristine sense of books that become meaningful as you grow old and gain insight and many things that were hazy before get progressivly elaborated. I cursed myself why he did not have such sense we discussed materials management. However I also considered myself lucky, he had this immense cerebral repository of such books and I got to know a few of them. The secret of his repository is that he buys all these books for people that sit elevated on italian Sofas in ITC people like YC Deveshwar... Lets do a brief on Chasing Daylights

Eugene Kelly wrote this Book. Eugene Kelly is dead now , died in late 2005. Eugene Kelly was the managing partner of KPMG Amerias till 2005 and was to become the Chairman of KPMG Worldwide starting 2006. Eugene Kelly was 54 in September 2005 and was diagnosed with brain cancer. What struck me most from this book was how he unwound the relationships that he had build over the years and how he justified the unwinding of these relationships. It appeared that though he was about to die he was in total control. It was his relations, professional or personal that sometimes became unwieldy emotionally. Eugene Kelly was an accountant to the core and the way he undertook his final journey is par-excellence. It looked like he was able to plan and control all critical and non critical aspects of this balance time effectively and efficiently. At every stage he planned even when he would have attacks of siezure many times in a day. When he spoke for the last time to many people he would make sure that the conversation end such that the people concerned say ' Good Bye' and not ' See You'. His wife showed unparalleled strength and dignity throuh-out till the last moment.

I would recomend this book to all that want to look at like life from some(philosophical or otherwise) perspective at some point of time ... this is not an advertisement!!

Well back to Mission Road, SAP Office now , I wanted to name this office as the dark & dinghy SAP Bench in 2005, however it looks like I have to omit the 'dark' because unlike 2005 , now they keep most lights on, may be because there are many new recruits ...At Mission Road the future looks neither screwed up nor bright ...that's a big problem, so I guess going through a few good reads could be a way to look at everything from a different angle all-together


Anand Chatterjee said...

I really agree with you. The last moments of mans life defines the how successful he has been. It really a tough job to balance the relationships. Not many have been able to master the difficult art.

Rajesh said...

Philosophy is the luxary of rich people. how do one justify such balance approach for hungry mouths staring at you? What does death mean to them?

Kurien said...

Work life is always painful. Never came across someone who is satisfied. I am sure even you wouldn't have been satified with your work life ever.